Full of risotto, salad, tiramisu, and a 2000 Coto Rioja Reserva. Viva il ristorante Onotria!

Received: Speedlight for my DSLR (bowled over!), comfortable merino sweater, books! Via mamma mia!

New patio: looks very, very nice. Coffee is excellent. Management is nice. Open ’til 10 weekdays, 11 weekends. Dangerous desserts. Sandwiches look pretty good. They fixed the bad drain inside and put a good drain outside. The whitefly farm is gone. So far: viva Buon Giorno Cafe!

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  1. Oh man! I had tiramisu today too! High five.
    Thanks for the review of the new place. I was a little worried, but I will have to give it a shot now.

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