1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I would have responded sooner, but a horrendous drive crash have pre-empted my internets today. I raise my glass of beer to you, good sir!

  2. Happy Bathday!!
    I want to send you this thingy, but I’m afraid you’ll already have it. HONK!!
    Please attach funny hat and sing now.

  3. A happy birthday to you, sir. I recommend my own strategy: preemptive nostalgia. See, I think about when I was in my early twenties, and was so disgusted with my physical abilities. When I ran five miles on the beach with my kenpo class I was always the last one. I could barely climb a rope without using my legs. What a weakling! Now I look back and realize “Good heavens – I could run five miles on the beach! I could climb a rope! I was like a god!”
    So now I try to look at my current self from the perspective of my self thirty years from now. “Wow, to think that back then I could walk all day if I wanted. I could feed myself! I could hear sounds! My skin stayed on my body. I knew my children’s names! How wonderful is was to be 43. I was just a kid! Oh, those were the days. I’d trade gladly trade my flying car and my robot valet to go back there.”

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