The “health” “plan” from my last job has still not paid any of the claims from February to March of this year.

Today I got a bill from a collection agency for an $800+ charge, now with added interest.

A month ago I spoke to a “rapid resolution expert” at the health plan who was shocked, shocked at the lack of payment and pressed lots of buttons and told me it would be resolved in 30 days.

Nothing was done.

Today I spoke to another “rapid resolution expert” who was even more shocked and promised me a written response in 48 hours and resolution within ten business days. He gave me a magic string of digits which supposedly will make the collection agency back off.

Once again let me observe that I am at the very top of the privilege ladder here, and I’m getting reamed really hard.


  1. Hey, I have a similar problem. In my case, the company that wants my money sold my account and now that company is out of business, or something, and yet still sends me “YOU PAY NOW” letters with increasing interest every time. I cannot get a human to tell me why my insurance isn’t paying the bill, yet someone is sending the threatening letters.
    from hawaii.


  2. I had less trouble than you are having when I was on Medi-Cal. I wish a threatened ass-kicking would solve the problem! Threatening an ass kicking is something I can do.


  3. I had a health plan do that to me for 3 and a half years. I had to set myself a schedule of calling them once a month for 6 months to get it resolved. (Every month it was being faxed to another desk in another department/business/branch where it would take a month to get resolved before it would need to be faxed to the next area and I would need to track each of those faxes & department & phone numbers). It did get paid eventually though.


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