L’ordinateur ne marche pas

The MacBook developed one of those great Permanent Vertical Lines on its display this evening. It’s a shimmering kind of emerald green a fifth of the way over from the right.

This means that I will have to spit ‘n’ shine up the laptop and remove the memory I put in it so I can go into the Apple Store and play “don’t ask don’t tell” about the fact that I actually use the thing, because the “geniuses” are instructed to deny service by any means necessary including mockery and insinuations of sabotage. If I have any luck, they’ll agree to fix it instead of declaring that I must have thrown it off the back of a horse because my wrist sweat corroded the unobtainium finish.

I’m tired of broken stuff. Especially when it’s stuff I need to survive, like wheels on my car or the only tool of my trade, and especially when it’s still in its prime and way before any problems are “expected.”


6 thoughts on “L’ordinateur ne marche pas

  1. So funny.
    I once took my Powerbook in. The display went out and melted a hole in the plastic case near the pivot. Fortunately it didn’t burn my house down.
    They fixed the display, but the melted case wasn’t covered. They assumed I caused it, not the display going out. Huh?
    It wasn’t long after that I gutted all apples from my life.

  2. Apple. They seem so nice and friendly until they act like utter douchebags about backing up their junk products. I’ve had better luck getting electronics replaced/refunded with basically everyone. Like , I now refuse to deal with them.

    1. I don’t even fuck with the mac store. I go to an ‘authorized’ repair place. They’re not dicks. They’re just slow.
      And everything I have is out of warranty anyway.

  3. I’ve had lovely luck with my university’s repair shop, which is Apple(care)-authorized, doesn’t whine about my non-Apple RAM or harddrive replacement, and can tell me to bring my machine back when the parts come in rather than sitting on it for 4 days needlessly. I’ve never dealt with the Apple store in meatspace, since I buy refurb laptops from them online. Works pretty well.

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