12 thoughts on “The usual furries/cadillac/hip-hop crossover video.

    1. i just had this horrible flashforward where i’m an 80 year old geezer conservative, and the big dividing issue is furry marriage and i’m all grumbling, “it just ain’t right…” and now i’m the bad guy!

      1. Yeah, this is one of the areas where my tolerance meets my reaction to tasteless subcultures and there’s a huge fucking trainwreck.
        The best I can do is what I do with Scientologists, Mormons, and “internet Libertarians”: I will make great efforts not to discriminate in any material way, but I will be unable to stop slapping my forehead and giggling.

      2. I also have this problem. I think agreeing to not discriminate but allowing yourself to giggle (or even guffaw!) is the way to go.
        Because, seriously, how can you not laugh at them?

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