health care ain’t wack

I haven’t seen much Government Music Video. The first was the infamous Just Say No anti-drug one in ’85 in which hipsters like Herb Alpert urged us GenXers not to do cocaine. It was possible to see all the way through if impaired in some way.

There were also some examples of AdRoc from the military that I’ve banished from my mind.

Some time in the 1990s, kerebearus was partially responsible for some Government Music Video about nutrition and fitness for a local county here. I have memories of cute sixth graders chanting “NO PROTEIN POWDER! LOUDER!!!”

She refuses to have these digitized. So now we have something that kerebearus would also appreciate. Government Health Care Recruiting Furry Hip-Hop! YO WAASSSUUPPP GOV!

planetdracula are you pumpin’ yo fist in agreement?

Blame to the Exploding Aardvark.

Homeland security for kids

Our attention was strayed. While we were pursuing disorganized and almost harmless Islamist terror cells around the world, the furries were quietly infiltrating the most secret and sensitive offices in the government. We have moles. Also cougars, wolves, skunks, and a shitload of foxes.

Deep beneath the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland, a brain in a jar is being lowered into an immensely powerful biomechanical cyborg Mickey Mouse character. The day of reckoning is near when He will lift up His glove-like hand and the Yiffening will begin.