6 thoughts on “POLL: And Scooter gets months…

  1. Some of his fellow inmates may have a sort of grudging respect for him. Scooter was the guy they hung out to dry and he went all the way to prison without rolling on his bosses. That be some gangsta shit, yo! Not bad for an old soft white guy in a suit!
    The tax resisters and white collar criminals are going to know exactly who he is and why he’s there, though. Or more accurately, who should be there with him and why they’re not. And I’m pretty confident they’re going to call him “fucking Scooter.” I mean, what a fucking asshat! Fucking Scooter!!
    Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that “motherfucking Scooter” will be heard as well.


  2. Its obvious, he will exhaust all his appeals from the comfort of his home until Bush leaves office, at which time he will be pardoned. I predict this guy doesn’t see the inside of a jailcell.


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