Physics poetry

  1. There is no force, however great
    To pull a wire, however fine
    Into a horizontal line
    That shall be absolutely straight

    — Unknown

  2. Stone walls do not a prism make
    They’re better made of glass
    If you had studied Science
    You would not be such an ass

    — My father

4 thoughts on “Physics poetry

  1. I’ll mourn ya ’til I join ya
    A mosquito was heard to exclaim
    “A chemist has poisoned my brain!”
    The cause of his sorrow
    was para-dichloro


  2. And the monk was immediately enlightened
    I’ve discovered over the years that the ‘prism’ one can be lobbed at someone’s brain like a Zen koan with the pin removed and leave them dazed enough to allow me to make my escape. After which I always think “thanks, Dr. H.”


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