Yow… Laguna Beach Noir

Not only did I not really get that a couple got shot at the Montage Resort, but it took Moxley’s LA Weekly blog to show what a ridiculously noir mess has been made of the investigation. Long story short, the cops killed them, and the story is murky as hell.

6 thoughts on “Yow… Laguna Beach Noir

  1. are they ruling out flying saucers???
    Or, well, a Botched Cho Copy Cat “suicide by policeman”???
    Life in the OC should be used to make TV shows…
    Or scare off the Iranian Flying Saucer Threat….

  2. uhhhh not to be really creepy but that couple is described to PERFECTLY fit the description of a couple I was an egg donor for. First names, city of residence, careers (the retired postal worker part, I don’t know about the broker thing), and the ages of the children.

  3. This is the kind of story that breaks the ol’ journalism inverted pyramid. I almost want to print out that OC Register article and cut and paste it into comprehensible order.

  4. I also had no clue what the OC Register was trying to say – or not say because they had to fill all the empty details with a bunch of adjectives.
    What is the REAL story?

    1. Freak out at Montage; one member of couple has gun; cops shoot both and lie about it all day; Register dutifully follows each lie.

    2. Example
      “The Parks owned two Mercedes-Benzes.”
      this poor journalist is just pining for copy. Its more of a fluff profile than actual news.

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