12 thoughts on “Task #1: Pronounce your doctor’s name

  1. If one can actually pronounce Canela’s name, one likely doesn’t NEED Canala’s services.
    On the other hand, maybe if you CAN pronounce it, you need Canala’s services.
    On the third hand, maybe I should just STFU and put my keyboard out of its misery.
    On the fourth hand, not to be confused with the forth hand, I’ve noticed I can’t even SPELL the FIRST name correctly (consistently, anyway), so, WTF do I know? 🙂

  2. The hardest part is that the last syllable should get the most emphasis. So after you use up a mouthful of oxygen in the first part, you must have an oxygen reserve in order to correctly spit out the last. That has proved to be too challenging a task this morning.

  3. Funny on so many levels. There used to be an old convenience store marquis by my house that said “POINSETTIA MILK HOMO 2% GAL”. It always made me think of a really weird super-duo that wore red and white. Someone stole it the other day, and I am in despair.

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