1. This is me at 80, I hope: Young@Heart does Sonic Youth. Wow. Courtesy la_lisa They also do a fairly amazing “Fix You” by Coldplay, and I don’t even like Coldplay.

    Young@Heart’s website is at They also have a myspace page like everyone else in music. edit: url fixed thanks to salome_st_john

  2. Speaking of music, in my dream last night a country band did a fine version of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” and now it’s stuck in my head. How did I get an earworm of something that doesn’t exist? It’s like trinnit‘s description of hell: being deaf and having the Super Mario theme in your head.
  3. I’d like to wish everyone a happy Listmas! This is the very special time of year when journalists of all kinds, but especially entertainment writers, turn in lists instead of articles and go on vacation. Two representative examples are Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums and Rolling Stone’s equivalent. I suggest throwing out publications during December. Also, you’re reading one now. Ha!
  4. I’m having a blissfully stress-free “holiday season” because I followed Stimps’ Best Advice Ever: don’t watch TV. That’s where all the bad messages come from. If you don’t watch the television, the “season” is just some good food and maybe giving someone a book you think they’d enjoy.
  5. Pescadou is doing up New Year’s really well. I think my mom and I are going to go to the earlier and cheaper seating of their prix fixe, which is $52 a person for three courses. Any one else interested? It’s a 6 pm ish thing. Their second seating is later and $80 for five courses and that’s too much money and food for me.
  6. The Rules of Engagement have been expanded to cover destruction on sight of SUVs with wreaths on the front. Please make a note of it.

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  1. They are super good about vegetarian, food sensitivity etc. Unlike some places they actually care about vegetarians, which is unusual for a French joint.

  2. Rule 4++
    I think the “don’t watch TV” rule is good all year ’round. At the very least, any TV that is to be watched should (in my opinion) pass all of the following qualifications:
    (a) No commercials. A huge amount of stress and feeling bad comes from commercials. They tell you what you’re supposed to buy to feel good, what your neighbors own that you’re supposed to want, and what you’re supposed to get (admiration, girls, sex, girls, sex, wealth, sex) if you buy a given product. They’re pretty much all big, fat lies designed to FUD you into purchasing something, but you’re still left with the FUD afterward because you didn’t get the promised admiration, girls, sex, or wealth. Buying/renting TV shows on DVD fulfills this requirement, as does Tivo recordings (with liberal use of the 30-second skip feature.)
    (b) No crappy sitcoms. Sitcoms are designed to turn your brain off for a short time. This can be nice, for instance, after a long day of work, but will often leave you feeling empty at the end of the show. Turning off your brain has the added bonus (to advertisers) of making you more susceptible to ads. Many sitcoms are designed to make you feel like part of the family/gang (e.g. “Friends”), so you’ll come back and watch next week. Many people start comparing their real-life friendships to their TV friendships after a while (yeah, really!) and find the TV ones to be more “real” because they know a lot more about the characters than they do about their friends, neighbors, acquaintances. In general, the half-hour format should be avoided, since that’s ~20 minutes of show (sans ads), which is rarely enough to be stimulating.
    (c) No news. Get your news elsewhere–the newspaper, the internet, watercooler discussions, something! Local news usually focuses on the bad or inane stuff. World news usually doesn’t have the time to realistically present all sides without putting the viewer to sleep.
    There are probably other useful rules, too, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

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