21 thoughts on “Ha. They ran the letter.

    1. Also interesting that Arellano fired off even though he was one of the only singled out for not being craptastic. Maybe it was his attempt at maintaining staff solidarity.

  1. Outstanding! Their crack-back was pretty weak…especially for a mag that just ran (another) cover on female augmentation surgery… that’s some [insert horrible sexist pun here] journalism…
    mojo sends

  2. Can anybody please translate the espaƱol Arellano used into Amurrican for a poor ignunt brother who don’t speak foreigner?
    p.s. I remember when OCWeekly was new. I was shocked that something like that could get published in Orange County, and I readjusted my expectations accordingly. The cynic inside me said it wouldn’t last, and the bastard was right. It’s fscking depressing to see OCWeekly descend into such abject craptacularity.

    1. Basically the street spanish version of “fuck you in the fucking goat hole, you fucking faggot asshole! Bub-bye.”
      Now translate your icon.

  3. the serrach says
    too bad they won’t take it to heart. i still read that rag, it’s often entertaining, rarely informative anymore.
    good try though.

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