Halloween dreams.

I dreamed that I had found a website that looked at first as thought it was the usual unpleasant sexual tourism thing, guys visiting impoverished countries to do nasty things. But it was worse. It was a cannibalism tourist site, where you could arrange to visit places so benighted that they’d sell you their children and you could eat them.

The site was disguised as a kind of crackpot medical clinic called the California Creative Radiology Institute.

I think this is the first actual Internet nightmare I’ve had!

7 thoughts on “Halloween dreams.

  1. Did they have the children in little playpens, like lobsters in the tanks at fancy restaurants where you pick out the one you want to eat and they prepare it right there at the table for you?

  2. Not quite the same, but I’ve had more than one IRC dream. Just existing in front of a big chat window, somehow typing without actually moving anything, seeing other people’s responses scroll by. For what felt like hours, even. Amusing, but not nearly as much fun as the video game dreams.

  3. Even children from the 19th century, who are now long dead, are horrified by your dream.
    I keep dreaming that I fall flat on my face, and then I wake up. :/

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