eating lunch is a bug

  1. 600 lb guy causes crematory grease fire
  2. The Buffalo Beast presents: Faith-based comics!
  4. I am a diehard liberal Democrat, but this guy makes some disturbingly good points about how we’ve failed.
  5. Season Shot has to be a prank. Has to be. But wow! Honey lemon shotgun blast!
  6. Oh hey great, it’s spontaneous combustion time at the big science place where they keep the atomic things.
  7. Military e-voting is a huge army-style SNAFU.

3 thoughts on “eating lunch is a bug

  1. the funeral director said they’ll notify the family to assure them their loved one wasn’t harmed. Nope. No deader than he was. GUH.
    Somehow surprised not to find the 600 lb greasefire article on the Bacon Blog. Tangentially, anyhow.

  2. Hi there, nice blog.
    Re the Season Shot, I believe it. There’s actually a long tradition of loading shotgun shells with salt, for use on trespassers, as an early non-lethal weapon. If you used recrystalized rock salt with flavours in the salt it should work.

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