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  1. i’m going to tell you about this now because i’m drun k and uninhibited, but about a week or so ago, i had a dream that i met you at mount auburn cemetery and you were very charming but you kept talking to me about how you werte planning on running away to alaska and trying an experimental drug therapy that involved high doses of aspirin and zoloft.

      1. I frequently threaten to move to Bolinas and start a mushroom farm. (Of course, everyone knows I’m just bluffing. If I only had a good poker face…)

      2. Mushrooms Are Your Friend….
        We understand that whole Romantic Underground Denial Strategy where you try to convince everyone that as a KorporateFlunkyBoy of Sebben And Sebben, that you are not at this very moment in the Process of Starting a Mushroom Farm where you will be able to Exploit their Labor in Your deep, DARK, and Sinister Plot of keeping the Darkies In THE DARK!!!!

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