At long last, they have no sense of decency.

Hallmark hasn’t been bold enough yet, but American Greetings has Patriot Day Cards. The link was corrected from an earlier post where it expired; that one shouldn’t, but it should be findable from in any case.

If you’d like to tell them what you think of this, they are:

American Greetings Corporation
One American Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44144-2398
Fax: 216/252-6778

Their toll free customer service number is: 800/777-4891.

Maybe they could tell us where that $2.95 $3.25 is going, or why it’s time to have greeting cards when the hole in New York isn’t filled yet and the war isn’t over and a lot of important questions haven’t been answered. Or what the hell they thought they were doing.

Hmm. Now Hallmark’s site is down for maintenance. I hope they don’t…

28 thoughts on “At long last, they have no sense of decency.

    1. Re: LOL
      Link should be fixed. Their site is too screwed up to keep consistent links, though, so it may require going back to and starting over.


    1. They’re #2 after Hallmark, as far as I know.
      Re: bitter leftist, I assume so yes. I also assume that hipsters will have ironic parties in which they throw paper airplanes at cakes. My other assumption is that a lot of people will be bummed out by all these things, but maybe that’s optimistic.


    1. Because Mother’s Day hasn’t involved thousands of dead, and hasn’t been used by your government as a hammer against your civil liberties, or an excuse for a 19th-century style colonial landgrab in the Middle East.
      That’s why.


      1. I wasn’t really making a connection between 9/11 and the government. I know of people that would agree with this sentiment but strongly disagree with how the government has dealt with it, myself included. I find what the government has been doing to be appalling, but there are plenty of people who have been affected by what happened five years ago. Maybe making it a holiday isn’t necessary, but having a line of remembrance cards for the occasion couldn’t hurt.


      2. I don’t see how one can *not* make a connection between 9/11 and the government. It’s completely politicized. They already sell cards for mourning “I’m sorry for your loss” and the like. Have you seen the cards that we’re referring to? They look like a fourth of july cake gone horribly awry. That’s not mourning. That’s jingoism, at $3.25 a pop. It’s saccharine, it’s mercenary, and I can’t get behind that.


      3. I honestly wasn’t making the connection. I had no idea that Patriot Day was invented by the Bush Administration to encourage their activities is pretty sickening. Check my other responses to see what I mean. And yes, I’ve seen the cards… I’m still not seeing the cake, but some of them are kind of freaky.


      4. Heh, no problem. I ask these questions because the media seems so tainted anymore and I feel like I can’t seem to get an objective view of things anymore. I rarely watch tv and can’t rely on everything I see. Thanks for helping me understand. 😉


    2. a few reasons
      I don’t like the made-up “patriot day” holiday because it was invented by a particular Administration to push a war and a permanent state of war.
      We already had Memorial Day for the Civil War dead (worst thing for jus ever) and Veterans Day to commemorate the Armistice at the end of the Great War (worst thing for the world ever). We didn’t make a new holiday for Pearl Harbor or the end of WW2. We didn’t need another.
      And I’m very sensitive to profiteering off 9/11. Either give the damned things away or give all the money to disabled veterans, but don’t charge $3.50 a card like this was Halloween.
      For an example of dealing with it respectfully, see Hallmark’s page.


      1. Re: a few reasons
        I had no idea that it was the administration that created this holiday! HOW NAUSEATING.
        I don’t like the idea of profit from anyone’s pain, either. I’m thinking more as that it’s something for the people looking for this sort of thing – remembrance cards, so to speak. I thought the idea of free e-cards was a nice one.
        Thank you so much for informing me of the reasons behind it like this. I’m rather saddened by it all. It’s sick.


    1. I think the plan is to move Black Friday back from the day after Thanksgiving back to the remainder of the week after Patriot Day — get your Xmas lists ready, kids!


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