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I got to meet threepunchstuff and talk for a couple hours at Ruba last night. That was cool! I wasn’t able to give him the full Fellini Movie Experience because the place was almost deserted. However the Brock Samson Insane Annoying Cook guy was in good form at least.

I bought groceries at 2 in the morning. The night clerks at the Ralphs are the stockers sometimes. The one I got was a huge bruiser of a guy, way over six foot and BIG. He had a flat gorilla like face and was covered in non-ironic tattoos and not a few scars. I’ve seen him there before but he’s usually been all grinny and friendly. Tonight he was in a foul mood and I was apprehensive. Seemed like the kind of guy who might backhand me and break my neck and then just say “aww shit, back to jail again.”

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