15 thoughts on “Good luck, guys

  1. …and did you hear that the bungled employee Starbucks coupon has now launched a $114 million dollar lawsuit filed by a N.Y. attorney for the pain and suffering of those who were turned down for their free $2 iced coffee?
    Land of the Free!

  2. i’ll have a hookah, preferably a blonde…
    “…can help by not loitering and buying.”
    shouldn’t it be “…by buying and not loitering?”

  3. I guess they sincerely do not realize that those kids will find somewhere else to hang out entirely if they are kicked out a few times, and then they won’t even have the $10 per night that they bring in. Asta-la-buh-bye Cafe Ruba.

  4. Toby Foreman
    Not sure if you were around then, but the same thing happened at Diedrich’s oh about twelve or so years ago. G.M. Toby came around and wasn’t pleased by the riff-raff so he insisted on a certain amount of drinks during a certain length of time. And then he’d WATCH US sip refills from the same cup we’d had anywhere between a few hours to (in Noel’s or Accident Bob’s case) a few days from the balcony.
    Asshole charged 10ยข for water.
    Geez, when did you show up?

    1. Re: Toby Foreman
      I showed up in 1996. I think Toby came back at one point because I remember people telling those stories about someone they were pointing at.

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