Happy Birthday

My father would have been 85 on Friday. He died in 1993. I still miss him. But he had a good life and left behind some good books. Can’t ask for more. This is him in 1943 as a very young naval officer.

My father in 1943

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I’ve always been jealous, mainly from the amount of affection you carry around for him.
    If I’m ever going to gather the chutzpah to find Odradak Sr. I’m sure the way you talk about yours will have had something to do with it.

    1. You know those random questions that are asked “Who would you most like to have lunch with – living or dead?” Would you pick your father for one last meal together? Hands down, I’d pick mine.

  2. I read Screenplay this week. Strange book. My favorite parts were when Alys installed the full-length mirrors in his room and the description of the adult movies on the hotel television at the end. And the missing camel saddle. Lots of great details about early 80s LA.
    I’d miss him too if I were you.

    1. He wrote strange books. A similarly freaky one is Herma, also very unreal and yet set in a very real California.
      I like Ziff a lot. There are guardian angel figures in a few of Dad’s books.

      1. I liked Ziff too and was hoping he’d pop up again, but your comment makes sense as to why he didn’t.
        Hope your employment/finance problems work out.

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