Craigslist personals

They are all in one or more of the following categories:

  • I want someone of a certain race; I am of a certain race.
  • I wish to smoke marijuana with someone and also have sex.
  • I wish to have sex with someone who is wealthy and will compensate me with an enjoyable lifestyle, or, I am that wealthy person and I am prepared to provide this.
  • I am fat or I wish to have sex with someone who is fat.
  • I am extremely bitter about sex and dating, and here are the many, many types of people and situations I refuse to consider. In most ways I dislike other people.There is nothing else I have to say for or about myself.
  • I am a prostitute.

11 thoughts on “Craigslist personals

  1. I actually met my current girlfriend on Craigslist, and I consider the experience to be more or less successful. We’ve been together for seven months now, and I can’t complain.
    On the other hand, I really kind of wish that I was the type of person who trolls for anonymous gay sex, because it seems to be what Craigslist was designed for. Certainly, it’s the most common use for the site.


    1. Congratulations on finding someone nice. I actually have found some people who seem nice (total of 3 so far) but none of them have found it mutual enough to respond.
      And yeah, on this one at least if it’s straight it’s either some variant of prostitution or just flailing neurotic cranks.


    1. Re: I am extremely bitter about sex and dating
      It seems to be an inferior sales technique. I mean, I’m pretty hard up, but the idea of a three hour date with someone who’s a set of angry bullet points is not attractive.


  2. Plus the ever popular “I am so closeted and in denial that I am in a hotel away from from home for the next 18 hours so come over now and have gay sex with me (or let me perform gay sex acts on you with no reciprocation) and then leave, so I can then fly home and deny to myself it ever happened!”


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