medical plans are fun

My health plan has a website on which I may see my information, including claims and how my flexible spending account is going. Yay. Let’s go look and see what FSA claims are outstanding and how much cash I might get soon. Click.

“The information you’ve requested is unavailable Monday – Friday 10pm – 7am, Saturday 8pm – 7am, and Sunday 6pm – 7am (all times are eastern standard time). We are sorry for this inconvenience.”

What the fuck. Do the Insurance Web Gnomes go home, or something?

5 thoughts on “medical plans are fun

  1. Tubed
    Okay, am I stating the obvious here that this rather defeats the entire idea of websites? Who came up with this, Ted Stevens?

  2. What the fuck. Do the Insurance Web Gnomes go home, or something?
    I find the way you put this quite amusing. I’m sorry that you have to put up with this crap, though.

  3. This makes me laugh…it reminds me of how lactation (breastfeeding)services run at some hospitals. At the one I work at, we have lactation help seven days a week. At other hospitals, they only have help, say, Tuesday through Thursday…because…what, babies don’t eat Friday through Monday????

  4. What the
    Fellas, fellas, fellas. Even Overheard in the Office doesn’t pull that “only available at certain times” bullshit anymore. If they managed to get their act together, so can you.

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