2 thoughts on “LJ

  1. That is unfair, status got updated once we figured out that an upstream router was causing the problem. And reporting things usually ends up with ops and devs :/


    1. I used to report things to LJ. I got two kinds of responses: That’s not happening, and we fixed it already. Both several days later. It may well be that those things got to ops and dev, but there was no way for a customer to know that anything happened other than someone got to it a couple days later and sent a form reply.
      The same is true of the status page. When I run into a problem twice in an hour, and I see it’s not on the status page, I have no idea whether LJ has noticed or is trying to figure out what’s going on. Because of the problem with opening requests above, it feels like a waste of time reporting it. Unless it’s a day(s)-long problem I’ll never even see it reported on the status page until it’s over with.
      I believe that people do work hard to resolve problems. It just isn’t apparent from anything the customer sees.


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