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    1. PAH are my brother’s initials and he is not synthetic!
      Anyway, why would I wanna synthesize proteins when I can just have some rice & beans?

      1. People seem to think tofu injected with all sorts of crazy proteins and fake meat flavor is the most humane and wonderful thing in the world. To me it sounds kinda like eating a piece of jello that fell on the floor in a house full of animals.

      2. Yes. Yes I do. My point is that it’s unnatural 😉 and if it fell on the floor of a house full of animals it would be especially not tasty!

      3. I’m not sure how tofu is any less natural in production than peanut butter or vegemite or bread, even.

      4. Just for the record, i’ve never liked Jello either hehe. Jello and Tofu get ranked on the same level in my brain, i’m not sure why hahaha.

      5. Yeah, i think it’s the wiggly-ness of it all. Most likely. Though it always turns me off to eat things with no flavor (example: tofu). I never quite got tofu, because even when it’s flavored, it just tastes like nothing to me. It tastes like nothing, with a hint of something, and jiggles around in my mouth haha.

      6. Actually, fake meat products are usually made from gluten or texturized soy protein rather than tofu. Tofu is not the only product that can be made from soybeans; calling all soy products “tofu” is rather like calling all dairy products “cheese”.

      7. I think you’ve all failed to sense that my comments are made with humor and personal opinions in mind. Way to go sense of humor! I don’t really give a shit who eats tofu for dinner, or who doesn’t eat meat. It’s a personal choice, and oddly enough I can accept that.
        As well, please note i never said fake meat products were made of tofu. I said tofu was flavored with fake meat.

      8. I’ve never seen or bought a product consisting of tofu flavored with fake meat. I’m not even sure what that would mean. “Fake meat” is not a flavor, any more than “cereal” is a flavor.
        It’s generally a useful skill to accept a correction without responding with a great deal of irrelevant defensiveness.

      9. Fake meat, as in artificial meat flavorings.
        Anyhow, for the sake of not being a dick to Sub, I will not continue this little ‘disagreement’ on his journal. I think he probably likes people bitching at eachother in his comment section as much as he enjoys having a root canal.

  1. Although I said “not very often,” in fact I made greens with bacon this afternoon and am having a steak for dinner (which is currently resting).
    What about “I binge on meat when the mood and my fantasies about my pocketbook strike?”

  2. I used to be a 1g since 1989, but these last few years I’ve been a 1f. I couldn’t eat red meat regularly again ‘cos it makes me feel like a greasy git.

      1. Re: posted too soon.
        Yeah. I made two obvious mistakes on this one. The first was to say “Please choose the one item that best describes you, even if you feel that two or more are appropriate.” I also should have included taste or esthetics as an option in the second question.
        I also shouldn’t have done it at all because I got a flamewar in comments.

      2. Re: posted too soon.
        yeah, but you couldn’t have seen that flamewar coming. and it was pretty mild, all things cosidered.
        and the thing with answers 2 and 3 above is that I think they are pretty inseperable. you know, personally.

      3. Re: posted too soon.
        Yes, I’m sure that many people would choose both. The reason I did radio buttons instead of check marks was twofold. First, I wanted people to choose their *primary* reason, and many people would answer one of those as primary before the other. The second reason was that if I use checkboxes in a poll I find that far too many people tickybox too many things and I can’t make head or tail of the results.

      4. Whoooosssssshhhhh…..
        As soon as I saw the quiz, I said “Flame On!”. lol
        Food is hot button. A former AA sponsor of mine said to me once, “The Disease [of addiction] manifests itself in five primary ways: booze, drugs, food, sex, and money.” And my observations and experience have pretty much confirmed that. He died of AIDS btw.

      5. Re: Whoooosssssshhhhh…..
        No one is sane about food, sex, money, drugs, or education. Just as a start. I include myself happily in the insanity.

      6. sanity
        sure, of course no one’s sane about those things because they’re all directly tied to survival and power (which is just how easily one facilitates their survival). start fucking with the things people need to survive, and we get ugly crazy, fast.

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