Sending the boy up in a crate like that

Hey maineiac_eric, remember the helicopters you used to service? Long ago, before I met you, when you were a Marine? Most of them are something like 40 years old but they’re in service in Iraq.

I remember your stories about being awash in seawater and floating floorboards fixing the avionics on them, or something close to that. Perhaps our secret weapon against turbanism is helicopters that shed huge chunks of metal kinda randomly.

2 thoughts on “Sending the boy up in a crate like that

  1. Oh I remember them Flying Trashcans.
    Yeah, floorboards awash in seafoam 12″ deep. Another thing helicopters shouldn’t do is float. At least they know that and don’t float well. I wish I had pictures from those days. Anyways, it is surprising that the Deltas (53Ds) are still flying. I’d a thought they would be phased out by now. Maybe they pulled them out of mothballs due to losses in Iraq and Afghanistan. I remember looking at the Boeing Vertol birth certificate for our aircraft in HMM-166 (Go Sea Elk. ?? What’s a Sea Elk.) They had all been made prior to my existence, most in ’64. I recall patching wires and sheetmetal from Vietnam-era bullet holes and running into half-open hatches in 0% illumunination. Damn NVG’s. I remember way too much, but thankfully it’s things I can remember with a smile and not in counseling. Those jarheads over there now would love to remember only these sorts of things. Thanks GW.


    1. Re: Oh I remember them Flying Trashcans.
      I think the fact that the Osprey has been in development for like 20 years or something and keeps falling out of the sky and killing marines kinda held back replacements for the old Sea Stallions. And now they want to deploy the Osprey! As if Marines didn’t get killed often enough.


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