7 thoughts on “DADS ‘N’ GRADS!!

  1. Same schedule
    We were on the same schedule–glad to keep you with us!
    GRADS ‘N’ ‘NADS–Dear Marketing-Industrial Complex, kindly lick my ‘nads.

  2. Note also…
    Tiger Woods’s father died a few months ago.
    From top of today’s NYTimes: Tiger Woods is in danger of missing his first cut in a major as a professional after he shot a six-over-par 76 today.

  3. I always feel bad about all the “touching” ads and propoganda around father’s day and mother’s day, they’re making half the worlds population feel bad and they don’t even care.

    1. Yes, and the “you must have a perfect family” ads at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the “you must make the perfect meal” ads at all holidays. And and and.
      It’s all SPIN selling and it runs on misery. I choose to opt out of most holidays for that reason.

      1. Yeah, I still haven’t found a “thanks for fucking me until I was 12. I’m glad you’re gone” card for Daddy yet. Hallmark has let me down. Also “Thanks for not protecting me from the drunken punchy man, Mom” seems to be missing.
        I don’t bother celebrating them, but I also have the advantage of not seeing ads for them on tv. I know it’s got to be a lot worse in that case. =/ I just keep trying to make my own traditions with varying success.

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