Are you playing a GAME with me, sir?

In the course of digging up Bree’s court files I found all kinds of weird crap, including a lawsuit where the defendant was a painting and other delights. The one that really got me, though, was the Order Denying MAAF’s motion to preclude the French phrase “Quel jeu doit-on jouer vis-a-vis des autorités de Californie?” as used in Mr. Simonet’s notes from being translated as “What game must we play with the California authorities?”

The whole thing, which is only five pages and a delight ,is here on my server in .PDF form.

This judge has entirely too much fun.

13 thoughts on “Are you playing a GAME with me, sir?

    1. Re: Off-Topic
      Very cool. I had actually seen the picture of the treed bear but not of Jack himself, who is indeed a formidable small fuzzy tiger!


      1. Re: Off-Topic
        I’d be most grateful if you could give me a link to said bear so that I may enhance my posts feline experience. =)
        ..I will now hypnotize you with this


    1. Yup. I’m reading you via RSS instead of directly on LJ now because I love you but you post lots and lots of little posts every day and it has a spamming effect on my flist. Because I’m obsessive and have attention problems I just switched to a different mode of reading you.


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