13 thoughts on “I hereby kill you with cat/mac cuteness.

    1. I was torn between “SO CUUUUTE” and “Ouch! Claws versus screen!”
      But since it’s someone else’s laptop I’ll go with “cute.”

    1. Oh yeah, that movie fucking RULES. I introduced my buddy Damon to it like eight years ago and it’s been a constant source of mirth between us since.
      BTW, that big blond guy, Jon Mikl-Thor, actually still tours. He may be coming to your town. He’ll help you party down.

      1. I must see the actual movie at some point.
        What is the evil sea creature throwing at Thor’s face? starfish? jacks? “thingies”? is this explianed in the “film”?

      2. Oh, god no, it’s not explained. Nor are the evil muppets who stand around giggling and smoking cigarettes during the fight. Nor is much of anything else in the movie, which is why it’s so great.

      3. Jon Mikl Thor, of course, was the title zombie in the movie Zombie Nightmare, which got processed by the mst3k crowd. The movie also featured Adam West of all people.
        The really frightening thing, though, is that YEARS earlier, I had seen Thor perform at a science fiction convention.

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