“I can sum her up in one word: pleather”

  1. xtreme_pr0k, pbd, and other motorcyclists may be interested in Yamaha’s new CROTCH AIR BAG.
  2. Ben Metcalf dares to ask: Am I allowed to write that I would like to hunt down George W. Bush, the president of the United States, and kill him with my bare hands?
  3. I want a WIG plane!


    I’d heard of the Soviet one, and I think I posted about it before, but this shit is amazing, especially the newer Soviet one and the Boeing Pelican.

  4. Watch your rear view mirrors, NASCAR drivers: The ENTURBULATOR‘s gonna bump ya into the wall!
  5. Today’s APOD is the best picture of a volcano I’ve ever seen, I think.
  6. Hey all you ex-girlfriends in black Jettas (and other jettazens), take the Jetta Report survey! Or something.
  7. In other auto news: 0-100 mph is a good measure of your acceleration. But if you want to know how good your car really is, how’s your 0-100 and back to 0 again? Once again Ultima wins this one. Power is good; power to weight plus braking is better.

9 thoughts on ““I can sum her up in one word: pleather”

  1. The only thing that troubles me about the WIG planes are that every picture I see of one is taken on flat seas. I wonder the limitations of these vehicles as far as wind and wave surface conditions go.

  2. But… that jetta report is bullshit. It says that VW owners are way more likely to own camping equipment than Subaru owners. Yeah right!
    It says VW owners are more likely to do everything, actually. In fact I don’t know what those numbers mean.

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