GOATEIN part 2


Yep. Goatein™.

“A unique blend of goat’s milk protein made with goat’s milk colostrum.”

“Predigested” gives me the mental image of the mother goat flying back to the nest, where she perches on the edge, opens her beak, and regurgitates into the baby goats’ welcoming mouths. Sorry for the wide distribution.

I guess it’s just a protein that some health food people like, but not from cows.

8 thoughts on “GOATEIN part 2

  1. Strange but True: 1) A former college instructor of mine gave her husband human breastmilk as an ingredient in homemade milkshakes to help boost his immune system while he underwent chemo…2)Humans are the only species that consume milk from another species (cow, goat)which has lead many to be lactose-intolerant because we weren’t meant to do this…3)Some women think their human breastmilk isn’t rich enough for a baby’s needs because it doesn’t look like cow’s milk…DUH. We are not bovine…4 Human colostrum-transfer from mother to child contains passive immunities from the mother that protect the infant from various viruses and bacteria that make humans sick…soooooo, unless you are part-goat, I am not sure how much goat colostrum could REALLY benefit someone


  2. Man could my tein ever use some goat in it.
    Seriously grossed out by the predigested thing. Is there something I’m not getting here? Organic isn’t pure enough? It has to actually go through a goat twice for people to even consider it? I am so behind.


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