Experiment in herbivoracity

I’ve decided to eat less meat and consume less animal products.

All-at-once changes in habit don’t work for me, and in any case I’m not ready to become a vegetarian. But just “doing it less often” won’t work. I’m an omnivore and lazy. Failure awaits.

Instead, I have committed to one vegetarian day a week. There’s no way I can’t do that, and since it’s formalized it will be harder to screw it up.

I will probably make it a weekday, maybe Wednesday. I’ll decide next week. Today, though, was such a day. I consumed:

Coffee w/milk
A banana.
Ice tea/lemonade drink.
Salad of beets, sweet red peppers, and cucumber in a yogurt-lemon dressing with coarse black pepper
Arabian flatbread
Sweet corn soup w/black pepper
Red wine

Stoned wheat crackers
Probably more beer later

Gosh, this is going to be PAINFUL!

GOATEIN part 2


Yep. Goatein™.

“A unique blend of goat’s milk protein made with goat’s milk colostrum.”

“Predigested” gives me the mental image of the mother goat flying back to the nest, where she perches on the edge, opens her beak, and regurgitates into the baby goats’ welcoming mouths. Sorry for the wide distribution.

I guess it’s just a protein that some health food people like, but not from cows.