Evildoer located

They busted a terrorist cell and weapons depot in San Bernardino County. There were more than 1,300 weapons, including machine guns, silencers, and a grenade. There were five pounds of C4 plastic explosive and a terrorist training camp at a chicken ranch in Pomona.

But it’s a below-the-fold news story. Why aren’t there breaking story alerts, live press conferences, CNN 3-D reconstructions of the scene, constant re-running of grainy arrest footage?

Because he’s a Cuban exile, of course. Those are the happy kind of terrorist.

10 thoughts on “Evildoer located

      1. “Robert Ferro was and is a veteran and stanch American patriot,” Well, that’s okay then. *slaps his wrist for the C-4*


  1. I saw this on CNN when it happened. He was trying to get an army together to overthrow Fidel, right? Shit, in the words from the excellent HBO show The Wire, “America’s heart is only big enough for one war, and right now that war is the one on muslim terrorists”. The war on drugs and everything else will have to wait.


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