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We were drinking Volcanoes. That’s a jug of Cuervo and 151. Because it makes you feel kind of hot inside, and sometimes you blow up.

I was living with the owner of the bar, working for him. Unlimited blow. Insane amounts of cocaine. I’d look down the bar at some piece of ass and say to my buddy “you think we can even get it up?” No, of course we couldn’t. He wanted to go down the street to the 7-11 so I grabbed him and took him in the bathroom. You want a cop to see that face?

I had my appendix perforate in the field, 40 miles from nowhere. I got peritonitis of course. I have had a full life. The corpsman told me I was done in a few hours. No way to get me to the hospital, we didn’t drive those roads at night due to being shot by Vietnamese people. So Spurlock pulled his .45 on the executive officer, some ensign, and everyone agreed to go along with the joke and they drove me there, 40 miles in the back of a truck on a dirt road.

What kind of dog is it? It’s the kind that bites you. Got great forward vision, looks straight at you, then takes a chunk out of you.

Having dentistry done of some kind at the V.A. The dentist was a tiny little woman, really small. There I am on my back on the table and she’s doing something or other and she says “could you put that down?” and I realize my arm’s come up and is waving around out of reflex. And then I realize that my arm and my side and my tit are about the size of her in her entirety and I start laughing. Well of course she’d be nervous, it’s like the zoo girl with the tiger knocked out and she’s chipping away at the tooth hoping he doesn’t wake up.

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  1. Bob demonstrates with that last anecdote an intuitive understanding of the furry mindset. In an old-school mofo from back in the day, this can be a dangerous thing.

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