keep dreamin’, keep believin’!

This is apparently from Apple’s shareholder meeting in 1984, just as the Mac was launched.

It’s a video, maybe a bit worn and torn by transfer from VHS. Just a video, maybe a bit garbled with repeated view, like a well-loved teddy bear.

But it has soul, and power, and spirit. This one will get you out of your seat, pumping the air, saying: today, I am going to be part of the magic. Today, we are Apple. We are all Apple now.

8 thoughts on “keep dreamin’, keep believin’!

  1. Wow.
    [first reaction] Hey, a Lisa. Huh.
    [second reaction] An Apple][. I remember those.
    [third reaction] An Apple ///??? What the FUCK???
    Speaking as someone who may have actually been a stockholder at that time, I apologize and swear that they did not consult with me before making this horror.


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