21 thoughts on “My complication had a little complication

  1. Sony makes a bold move on the laptop market with the new Geiger Vaio, the first portable computer to use enriched uranium to enhance screen sharpness and contrast.

    1. What’s your pleasure, ma’am?
      Kéan Coffee and Sony Style are teaming up to bring you the Hellraiser IX: Puzzlemaker Dot Com contest! Solve the puzzle and your suffering will be legendary, even in Newport Beach!

  2. I only have one thing to say:
    Errrr…. okay, that was much funnier when I was thinking about it. Actually seeing it on the screen under that picture is much, much, much less entertaining.

  3. Put a grandmother’s floral housedress on her, pile her hair in a bun and she’d easily look the age. She isn’t fooling anyone.
    Sad that this is the majority of who I see when I’m at work. Yuck.

  4. I see that face every day, on a million different women, even one I work with! The day before yesterday I walked in and it was botox gone bad, I had to avoid her all day! ugh.

    1. It doesn’t
      This unfortunate woman is the perfect example of how someone can meet the standard of beauty exactly without being actually attractive. The creepiest part of the scene to me was that she was obviously a competent professional and not an idiot (she was showing someone real estate property on her laptop and planning visits). She carried herself very well. I really wonder what part of her was that insane.
      I know some guys who demand the standard of beauty. They are all very unhappy messed-up people sexually.

      1. Re: It doesn’t
        you know, it IS a really good filter for screening people; either for friendships or romantic relationships. if someone is so shallow that they equate the circumference of my hips as inversely proportionate to my worth, i don’t want to know them on any level.
        as for what part of that woman was insane? her brain, clearly.

  5. Face off
    If I saw her here in Alaska, I’d just figure she had been in some kind of accident. But tragiluckily, that seems unlikely in this actual case.

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