I was at Café Ruba tonight looking at the freaks. They have VH1 Classic on a big screen TV in there, and said network was playing old metal videos. I don’t think I’d ever seen Dio’s “The Last In Line” video and it was spectacularly bad.

I think the “worst video”, “worst hair in a hair metal band”, and “stupidest song” awards have to go to Boyz Are Gonna Rock by the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Also Worst Makeup. Also Lamest Attempt To Be Badass.

6 thoughts on “hair

  1. Wow I totally go there all the time to observe/mock the emo kids. That and to feel all hardcore because I am drinking coffee and playing chess. Those VH1 videos are AWESOME because lame is cool nowadays. Laaame is cooool.


  2. Metal Mania is one of my best indulgences of mindless television and you’ve come CLOSE to the worst video, worst hair, worst look, worst concept. The one that makes me opt for an alternative activity like toilet scrubbing is W.A.S.P.’s “Wild Child”. GAG. Then again, there are many that fit this category and I’m a huge 80’s metalhead.


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