Wild and Wooly Semiautomatic Truck Bomb

I went to Kéan today to get more coffee beans. They have the La Lucie, meaning the real La Lucie the way it used to be. Recommend you pick some up if you’re local and like that dark roast Zimbabwean thing.

Neurofeedback today. Brainwaves are getting better (higher beta, lower theta, less gap between).

I thought for two hours that I had lost my “check card” VISA. I hadn’t. It was caught in a snag in a jacket pocket, having fallen out of my wallet.

I read most of the rest of Hardcore Zen today. It’s a damned good book. Thanks, hweimei for the recommendation!

At the angle I can see her, my sleeping cat currently looks like a fuzzy spheroid without features.

One thought on “Wild and Wooly Semiautomatic Truck Bomb

  1. Hardcore Zen has been sitting on my bookshelf for nigh on two years now, unread. It was a birthday gift from a friend – one who has just risen even higher in my esteem given the dual thumbs up you guys just gave the book. Yay for being a grad student. I’m going to read it as soon as the quarter is over.


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