a darkling plain where dudes are being totally uncool to each other

I think it’s time to get my dietary stuff back in line right now. I had no breakfast, no lunch, and two dinners today. Mind you they were good dinners and a right amount of food but this isn’t going to work.

Saw Stuart play and some friends tonight. Everyone was cool but for some reason I felt totally socially awkward, like I wasn’t wearing pants. Weird. I think it was just me, though.

Then salome_st_john put up the bat signal that she was about to murder her room mate for reals so I galumphed over there and we went to Kappo Honda (dinner #2). I have to say that lotus root tempura and pumpkin croquette are two of Japanese civilization’s great contributions to the world.

I love this rain.

4 thoughts on “a darkling plain where dudes are being totally uncool to each other

  1. ladies and gentlemen, this woman is a PhD student!
    Thank you again for a super most awesome time! I still wish we had recorded our laugh track.
    Also, on an unrelated note, my cat just stood on the desk in front of me, farted in my face, and walked away.


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