Update on critical talking points


First I want to thank the entire team for the hard work and dedication you’ve shown this year. As we approach the holidays, the Management Team wishes to express thankfulness and emphasize that the entire org chart is vital to our success.

It’s time once again to review our key focus matrix and hone in on the heart. The points we’re about to list are non-negotiable and I can’t estimate their importance. Let’s hammer in with a laser-like focus on these.

  • The threat of refinancing: how lower rates drag us all down.
  • The hidden links between skateboarding and Hepatitis C: do we know enough?
  • Zoning reforms necessary to encourage urban fish farming.
  • End ethnic set-asides in the mortuary industry.
  • Phrenology in the public schools: is Medicare responsible?
  • Hogs for Heroes: soldiers need to know we have a pig for them.
  • An America Without Simony: If not now, when?
  • An end to subsidized quahog farming is the beginning of free trade in bivalves.

All of us need to drill down into the meat with a laser-like focus here. Let’s stay on message and be forceful. The Management Team knows we can exceed our own expectations, and we expect that.

If you have any questions or comments, speak right up! My door is always open.

The Mgmt

a darkling plain where dudes are being totally uncool to each other

I think it’s time to get my dietary stuff back in line right now. I had no breakfast, no lunch, and two dinners today. Mind you they were good dinners and a right amount of food but this isn’t going to work.

Saw Stuart play and some friends tonight. Everyone was cool but for some reason I felt totally socially awkward, like I wasn’t wearing pants. Weird. I think it was just me, though.

Then salome_st_john put up the bat signal that she was about to murder her room mate for reals so I galumphed over there and we went to Kappo Honda (dinner #2). I have to say that lotus root tempura and pumpkin croquette are two of Japanese civilization’s great contributions to the world.

I love this rain.