Dan Deacon on TV

Especially for changeng, a kindred spirit for you, Dan Deacon.

http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~leak/dan-on-nbc/ is him on the TV. Wow.

Thanks, explosivo!

This is, um, insane. Um, the casiotone okay but the glasses and then the, uh, singing. Okay gonna watch it again.

12 thoughts on “Dan Deacon on TV

  1. he woulda had me at hello if he sang it without thinking he was funny. The only people who could get away with “hey looka me i’m weeerd” was Devo, also from Ohio.
    Anyone can hook stuff together – let’s see him rock a slinky.
    if you want to hear something really F’d up, there was a band in 2000 called Self who recorded a whole cd with toy instruments and aside from the overwritten funk tunes, the noises are a real mindlube.

      1. it’s the glasses!!! probably why Weird Al isn’t funny either. same thing with Alan Greenspan.
        damn glasses.

    1. I agree. He should be completely deadpan, even with the glasses. It would be much more interesting (and paradoxically, more funny) if he created soome sort of dead-serious character for his performance. Other than that, way cool!

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