3 thoughts on “Read them instead of me, I’m busy.

  1. Something about this is familiar…
    This “Rape of the Soul” is produced by a Vancouver-based concerned called Silver Sword Internationa, under the umbrella of a thing called SSI, LLC.
    The only reason I am going on about this is that I seem to remember one of these odd connections between Randy Cunningham and Jack Abramoff and Dana Rohrbacher was a connection to a cheap-hustler who thought he was some sort of low-rent Charles Foster Kane with a movie/entertainment company in Vancouver, doing biz here in the states, and just barely skating under the radar in the current Congressional/K-Street pay for play scheme being unpacked by various U.S. Attorneys…
    I wish I could remember the doofus’ name… their whole thing over the past few months was that they were going to be stunning us all with their very first feature-length production and promising it was going to be something amazing…
    I wonder if this is any connection… I am digging a little more (it’s the weirdest stuff that gets me going like this…)
    mojo sends


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