Shot through the honk, and you’re to blame

For years I’ve been substituting “lunch” for “love”, courtesy an old Henry Rollins bit.

In the last 5 years I started substituting “bozo” for “cyber” which works really well.

More recently “law” has become “lol”.

Today’s addition is that “heart” is now “honk” in all situations.

Please make a note of it.

16 thoughts on “Shot through the honk, and you’re to blame

    1. Re: O and I have had fun with this one (especially in song lyrics)
      If I had a chance I’d ask a girl to prance and not be prancin’ with myself, oh oh ah oh.

  1. On the message board of a heavy metal label I used to frequent, moderators set up a program that converted every instance of “nigger” to “friend.” Unfortunately this caught on among the skinheads, who ruined “friendship” for me for life.

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