4 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so, namco

  1. OTOH, I gather that Takahashi has pretty much exhausted the novelty of the franchise (he said that he only got involved in the sequel because Namco would have done it without him and released a piece of crap otherwise, and he wasn’t involved in the PSP one). Should the world need more rolling-stuff-up games, I imagine that it’ll be quite possible for others to make them.
    I wonder how long until people start making Katamari clones, in the way that Tetris clones sprung up everywhere.


    1. Seconded. As much as I love (and I love love LOVE them) the two PS2 titles, I’m glad that NAMCO is happy to let the series end. Really, there’s not much more you can do with the basic idea, without either ruining the simplicity, or simply soiling it with endless “mission packs” of slowly decreasing charm and value.
      Sadly, the end of Katamari Damacy means that I have to find a new video game that my girlfriend likes, so we can continue to couch-potato together through the frosty Canadian winters.


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