I had two dinners today

Pasta e fagioli and a romaine salad with blue cheese and walnuts. Then out into the brisk evening (read: too cold for me) to see if friends were about. joyfulagitator was about to kill us all but fortunately others showed and I assume they went off to have Actual Fun. salome_st_john popped up outa nowhere and we went to Kappo Honda and grazed a bit. They’re really good at this pumpkin croquette thing they do. You know. The thing. With a pumpkin croquette.

I got wrong number email today thanking me for linking to http://www.owies.com/ which when you’ll see it I think you’ll agree has some of the worst crafts material ever created. Holy crap that Noah’s Ark thing.

There were a couple of very 1998 looking industrial goth guys at the Harbor/Gisler Chevron station tonight filling up their shitty old pickup. They both had gigantic bottlebrush hair extensions in a ghastly maroon shade, those high boots with lots of buckles, those stripey socks, white faces with lots of eye makeup, the Gothy Man-Skirt. They were seriously mansoning my marilyn. Other stereotypes at the gas station included the Vietnamese girl with the blond-streaked hair and the Scion Tc and the chainsmoking Persian cab driver who was going to blow us all up.

Everyone wants to touch my robot.

9 thoughts on “I had two dinners today

  1. Okay okay, this craft link is just like the “fair” we went to yesterday. OUCHY.
    We almost left the house but were distracted by youtube’s exstensive archive of live 60’s music. Syd Barrett refusing to lipsync on American Bandstand etc.
    Also, talking birds.
    it’s just so damn cold.


      1. holy GOD that’s amazing
        The cress! The cucumber mouth! the CTHULHU CAKE
        However the cassette case is remarkably similar to my own woodworking at age 13.


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