I’m glad no one does the Friday Five any more

  1. Hey everybody! If you have, indeed, never been mellow, soft rock is now back! This is totally awesome news in that I had yet to find a use for my 100 rounds of Federal Hydra-Shok .40 hollowpoint ammunition.
  2. Hey everybody! There really weren’t any ninjas. Sorry. Big old fake.
  4. I hope none of you local kids are pals with Logan here, since the Register reports he got taken in last night with 2 pounds of weed and a kilo of shrooms.
  5. And this just in from wearescott: it’s the ultimate AMERICA FUCK YEAH BURGER!

9 thoughts on “I’m glad no one does the Friday Five any more

  1. I for one…
    …welcome our new dougnut-burger eating, ninjaless, soft rocking, armor piercing, robot stoner-pig overlords.
    But then, I’m kinda easy that way…
    mojo sends

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