Long story short it’s supposed to STAY in third gear unless you shift

My car is down for the count, needs a new transmission. Won’t have it back until next Thursday. Thank goodness that Freddy at Tustin Acura is giving me a loaner car, and that this is all under warranty and won’t cost me more than $50. I wonder what a transmission replacement at the dealer would cost otherwise? Shudder.

Thank you for being a cool guy, Freddy at Tustin Acura.

13 thoughts on “Long story short it’s supposed to STAY in third gear unless you shift

  1. Had to bite the bullet and take my Saturn in for the new clutch.
    No warranty (since it’s a ’94).
    Estimate is $1200-$1300
    Which is great, because we just spend $1300 on Caitie’s old car in January.
    Mercury in retrograde. Hooray!

      1. Re: The 1995 Mercury Retrograde is not recommended either
        LOL! I actually had to google this to make sure it was a joke. Chevy did come out with the “Nova” ya know… (My stepmother who is Mexican American was the first to notice that Nova was “no va”/no go in Spanish)

      1. Goldie, as I’ve named my 94 SC2, is still is good shape. Plus, I don’t have any other alternative at this point. How many miles you put on yours? I’m up to 160K

      2. Mine was in excellent condition except for the clutch. I think I was around 130K. I got lucky and didn’t absolutely have to have a car so I just sold it broken. SC2s are great little cars though.

      3. I keep hearing that getting the clutch replace at 160K is not so bad. Of course, tell that to my pocket book.
        I pick her up today. Hopefully, this latest fix will last me until… well, hopefully Goldie will hold out for as long as possible.

    1. That we probably do. I hope I didn’t back over you in the parking lot outside Taco Rosa tonight. It was rainy and hard to see.

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