Sorry, inobetter

The GTO isn’t going away after all.

By the way, I feel about the current “MG” the way you do about the “GTO”. MGs are supposed to be small, buzzy, fun, not-too-expensive, and eccentrically English. MG as supercar is like casting Donald Trump in Bogart’s role in Casablanca.

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  1. perhaps on the 2nd gen new GTO one the Zeta platform it might look good… SInce there will not be a firebird, and it will share the platform of the new Camaro, in theory shouldn’t the next GTO be a firebird???
    And does this mean that the Camaro is going to be built, as GM as not yet admited to it going into production.

  2. I can ONLY pray that they DO SOMETHING positive in the body and interior design. They won’t, but a girl can dream CAN’T SHE? Thanks for sharing and FOO you are correct in THEORY it should be a firechicken not a GTO since it will be sharing the same platform BUT what isn’t sharing platforms with no other association these days.
    P.S. – I HATE IT WHEN THEY SCREW CARS UP! Why are all these crossover eggs with wheels all over the place – someone deserves to be SHOT!

  3. I feel obligated to point out that not only was Ronald Reagan considered for the role of Rick before Bogart, but that David Soul played him in the TV series. No, of course I’m not making this up. I don’t have to, sadly.

  4. Hmm. The last Monaro was displayed during the Melbourne motor show and sold for about $A190,000 at auction, proceeds going to charity.
    I gather the GTO came about as a result of “hey, we can sell this in America too!”, and it was almost entirely GM-Holden’s decision to stop making it, officially a case of going out on top and using the line for something else. For what it’s worth, very few people saw the new Monaro as a sacrilege to the old.

    1. Monaro’s a fine car. What freaked people out was calling it a “GTO” when that has a lot of cultural resonance here.

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