I can dump all the medical intervention, diet, exercise, personal struggle, and philosophical attempts to deal with various mental and physical problems, because the HARMONY CHIP is here! Bring on the donuts, whiskey, casual unprotected sex, and sloth!

How To Cure Yourself of almost ANY Disease Or Ailment In Ninety
Days…Or Less…Using The ‘Harmony Chip’ — Or Your Money Back,


So many pain-stricken people have gushed about the almost magical
disappearance of dis-ease and ailments that have prevented them
from living a full, enjoyable life.

One man, after six weeks, stopped taking morphine shots for his
chronic arthritis; a medical doctor no longer worries about ankle
sprains because her chronically weakened Achilles tendon has,
after many years, finally healed;
21 years after a spinal operation, one man finally got rid his
pain associated with the area of surgery – in just 36 hours; 3
years later, he’s still pain-free.

Fact is: If you suffer from arthritis…arthrosis…hypertension
..osteoporosis…rheumatism…fibromyalgia…gout — or almost
ANY other form of illness or disease — you can rid your body of
any of these and never worry about visiting the doctor ever

You see, all these diseases are caused by one thing. And that is
the abnormally high levels of toxic waste trapped inside your

They clump together as deposits in your muscles, joints, bones,
blood vessels, intestines and elsewhere simply because your blood
is too weak to flush them out. Your body struggles to get them
out, but, because of wimpy blood, it gives up, and piles up more
and more poison, instead.

These poisonous deposits in your joints cause arthritis and
arthrosis; in your lymph glands, they produce unsightly gout; in
your bones, osteoporosis; in your muscles, painful rheumatism;
attached to the inside of your blood vessels, hypertension.

So stubborn are they that the pills and concoctions fed to you by
your doctor and pharmacist will never dislodge them. Worse, they
NEVER rejuvenate your blood.

So, what will you do? Continue flogging a dead horse and
depleting your bank account to enrich your doctor and pharmacist
while your health races toward the grave?

Why don’t you join the throng of happy, healthy people in Europe
who’ve already experienced the magic of the ‘Harmony Chip’?

After 22 years of successful research and development which began
in 1983 at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, scientists
have perfected and captured in a tiny chip, the raw healing power
of the new quantum and oscillation technologies.

What this tiny, yet revolutionary ‘Harmony Chip’ does is to boost
and strengthen your blood so that it becomes fully potent, just
as nature intended. Powerful enough to suck up the toxins from
any part of your body, transport them to the kidney, skin or any
of your excretory organs, and flush them out of your body once
and for all!

It’s that simple!

And as unbelievable as it sounds, this is wholly true. That’s
why, within the first 2-3 weeks of its use, many users confide
that their urine is darker and exudes a strong smell. After 8
weeks, most…if not all…of the toxins will vanish and you’ll
be a whole, brand new you…again!

Can you imagine the joy in your family’s faces when they see you
moving around briskly without pain?

Could you get excited about strolling confidently into your
doctor’s office and expecting him/her to be startled on
discovering your blood pressure is a normal 120/80?

How about celebrating your new-found health with the money your
doctor and pharmacist would’ve been enjoying?

You can take the first step to your new life starting right NOW!

Your ‘Harmony Chip’ will arrive at your door by confidential,
international, registered air mail complete with a full 90-day
money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the
remarkable improvement in your health…or for any reason at all.

Your investment in your re-birth will only be $177. With its
guarantee to function for at least 10 years, this $177 you sow
today will yield ten years of renewed vim, vigour and vitality
without any further medical expenses.

So, don’t delay. Your ‘Harmony Chip’ is ready to be shipped to
you. Order right now and we’ll rush it to you by air as quickly
and as efficiently as is humanly possible.


Yours harmoniously,

Karma Singh
Managing Director
Harmony United Ltd.
London & Munich

I wonder what happens if you remove the protective foil? Do all your diseases and poor choices fall on top of you and kill you? Melting, melting, what a world?


  1. Two good things have come out of Yorkshire.
    James Herriott stories and Michael Parkinson.
    Karma Singh, you are neither and, no matter how long you try, a scam MLM is no substitute.


    As is so often the case when something new appears, the uneducated
    “expert” advertises his/her ignorance by proclaiming ignorance as
    the correct criteria for making a judgement.
    The entire history of mankind has shown that this attitude towards
    the World and it’s complexities invariably leads to the extinction
    of those practising it.
    A more mature procedure based upon knowledge and experience is much
    more likely to yield useful results.
    This is why we give a 3 month 100% money back satisfaction guarantee
    with each Harmony Chip.
    This is also why very much less than one percent of Harmony Chips sold
    are returned.
    It is, further, the reason why many doctors and other health professions
    both use and recommend the Harmony Chip.
    Further information, both more comprehensive as well as very much more
    accurate that that on this forum can be seen at
    The Harmony United library can be accessed with this link:
    Karma Singh
    Managing Director
    Harmony United Ltd.
    London & Munich


      As is so often the case when someone is selling a miracle cure, you confuse an open mind with gullibility. There is indeed a great value to an open mind in science. A plausible hypothesis and good early results deserve a full study with careful controls. Successful full studies with careful controls deserve clinical trials, and successful clinical trials deserve widespread acceptance and use.
      So far no cure-all magic electromagnetic chip has passed this standard, yours or anyone else’s.
      The examples of good results you give are all of chronic, usually nonfatal, incurable ailments that people desperately want to escape. This is fertile ground for folk medicine, because it can’t hurt to try something new and results are almost entirely subjective. I would like to see one of these miracle cure-alls defeat acute leukemia or a bone infection some time instead of arthritis or some general malaise.
      You insinuate that physicians and pharmacists are enjoying disease because it enriches them. You have obviously not spent much time around medical professionals, almost all of whom would do anything to save a patient or make someone more comfortable.
      I’d like to think that you’re a true believer in your own product and just mistaken. If so, however, you’re doing a fine impression of the New Age medicine man selling a little chunk of nothing at all for $177.


      1. New Age Snake Oil
        The give away is the white guy with the mixed Hindu/Sikh handle. ;P
        …but maybe I’m just closed minded..


  3. Harmony Chip works great
    Anyone who is playing a sport would do themselves a favour in having a Harmony Chip. Currently the Rugby Leaguee team in our local competition here in New Zealand and has in the past had problems with dealing with injury as most teams do. This team that I work with have had awesome results with sprains and strains, with these injuries we have normally used ice packs which numb the area but this does little to help the energy and healing of the problem, which also does little for performance back on the field also, but with the Harmony Chip it is placed over the pain area and within 5-7 minutes the pain has eased off and with a little bit of a massage to the area the player is back on the field at full speed.
    I have personally worn a Harmony Chip over my thymus now for 9 weeks and feel much stronger within and stressful situations in business are able to be handled much better by placing the Harmony Chip over my solar-plexus when I think I maybe confronted with these stressful situations.
    It is simply a great new product, that all I can say, is its time has finally come.
    Check it out at;


    Recently a attended a meeting with Dipl. Ing (FH). Joachim M. Wagner, Inventor of the Harmony Chip. It is extremely sad when you see people especially the elderly with aliments such a cancer buy into this fraud science.
    I was a chip designer for 5 years in California and any chip designer will tell you that this “harmony chip” is nothing more than a 5 cents piece of plastic and this is a classic case of fraud science
    To my great surprise when Joachim told the audience that the “Harmony Chip” could be placed on your electrical power breaker box of your home, to make your radio sound better, put on your steering wheel to make your car get 20% more gas mileage, placed under water to make water taste better, and of course placed on you body to make your electrons run better, the audience did not break out into total laughter. They wanted so desperately not to believe it was a fraud, they blocked out completely their common sense, in a desperate hope that they had found a magic cure for their chronic ailments in their life. Tragically they never realized that they were being sold nothing more that a false hope and a piece of worthless plastic.
    There are many examples on the internet of fraud science, here for example is how to make your car run on water just by using a mason jar.


      Remarkable. Pyramid power on a chip! The technology of semiconductor miniaturization marches on – scams get ever smaller and more efficient.
      Does it keep your razors sharp, too?


        There was a similar chip I wrote about a few years ago that made your car go all better when it was magnetically attached to your gas tank. I think they got shut down pretty quick, though. Made the mistake of advertising widely and having a California address.


        I seem to recall that one harnessed THE AWESOME POWER OF HOLOGRAM STICKERS!!!!!1!1!ONE
        Who knew the accoutrements on my grade school trapper-keeper could save the earth? Damn that Jimmy Carter and his Trilatereal Commission!


    Hey guys!
    I’ve happened upon a GREAT NEW WAY to separate the ELDERLY, the ENFEEBLED, the ILL, and the DESPARATE from their money using ONLY the POWER OF PURE BULLSHIT! You should get in on this scam, too!


        You can’t hold anything with ’em! You can’t do anything with ’em! Why do you think all them dancers are so skinny? They can’t get the FOOD to their MOUTHS!
        it’s a REAL PROBLEM!


      KABONG! The use of MIXED CASE in a SATIRICAL FORM in order to BELITTLE or to ANTAGONIZE fraudsters, snake oil salesmen, or even just run-of-the-mill GOOFUSES in an INALIENABLE RIGHT granted by the POWER of a chip IMPLANTED IN MY ASS.


  6. Karma Singh, The healer &his Harmony chips-all Scam
    Read all about. See replies of Karma Singh and think.
    What does he answer with to the questions that simply scream-GIVE US FACTS!
    give us feedback of people. In 20 years of pushing his products he must have some.But it is not out there, none of it.
    You can see one feedback of one person on the museum of hoaxes forum. Her name is Clair. She used Karma Singh’s chips for 84 days with no results. All Karma could do is to say that she used the chips incorrectly. Who would believe that woman with such disease, who paid thousands of dollars for the chips, who was at the end of the line clinging to the end of it with the last hope-the chips, would not make sure that she uses that correctly. Did Karma give her money back as he promises? No. karma lies and makes his living on pain of others without even helping them, but hurting them even more so. Read, read all about it on the given site and be, though in pain, but smart.


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