The shooter, a member of the Dumbass-American Community…

Sometimes the kids and their subcultures should be ignored. I mean, you know, your kid is gonna be a goth or something, it happens, they’re all angsty, and then they get their AA and learn drywall or something and just start drinking like you.

Or then there’s the other times, when the neo-nazi gaybashing satanic evil clown rap/metal stupidocrat ultraviolence culture they’re immersed in turns out to be for real.

11 thoughts on “The shooter, a member of the Dumbass-American Community…

    1. right
      He is, as they say, “down with the clown”. That band and its subculture are the po’white Grateful Dead, forever. Watching white racists go for a gimmick rap act is like watching skinheads play Chuck Berry riffs.


      1. Re: ‘your not to socile’
        And it seems he was ‘involved’ with the women, too. She was 33 and he was 18, an extremely disturbed and immature 18. I know that many of the younger women I get involved with are working out ‘some issues’, though many just like being involved with a guy they actually can talk to.
        But maybe he killed her as some kind of low rent Viking ritual, thinking she serve him as Mother/Lover in The Afterlife. *sigh* Obviously, we shall see more and more of this as the social order groans under the weight of population and its own denial, though I wonder how many will have his sense of theater.


  1. One of the quiz answers that your link ignored which was rather prescient was:

    What I found much more interesting/ridiculous/scary on his page were the number of “juggalos” and various other teens who perceive themselves to be outcasts/rebels (as it were) rising to his defense and using this as just another example of how The Man is keeping these white suburban kids down.
    At any rate, weird trivia that only I may find interesting: a bar in New Bedford was also home to the gang rape that the movie The Accused was based on. What the hell is going on there?


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