livejournal login/cookie notes

1) When posting on someone’s LJ, doublecheck that you’re logged in first and not about to post anonymously! Everyone’s been making this mistake lately. It makes it hard because then I have to run around unscreening things.

2) If you’re stuck on Mac OS 9, iCab appears to do everything necessary to make the site work. At least the equivalent version for OS X does, and I believe they’re feature-equivalent.


21 thoughts on “livejournal login/cookie notes

  1. actually lj has been logging us out without us knowing or choosing the last few days. i barely noticed before it was too late a time or two! the key is when you can’t choose your picture. that just won’t fly. πŸ˜‰

    1. Right, exactly. I just meant that when you’re posting a comment you can see you’re not logged in and you’re about to post as “anonymous”. πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah LJ keeps unlogging me and the interface has no really good indicator that you are or are not logged in while reading. I BLAME TECHNOLOGY!

    1. this keeps happening to me this week! I keep randomly logging out when I never ever do that.
      Damn you LJ, REMEMBER me.

  3. What is up with LJ’s cookie expiring so soon, lately? did I not read something important involving them, because I hate having to log back in when I used to could just sit down and open up LJ and not have to do anything but click click click.
    oh and i involved a cow ::points to icon::

      1. I think they’ve fix the security issue by replacing it with so many bugs that the malicious users don’t want to bother with the exploit any more. It’s the Microsoft Security Model.

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