Does Humor Belong in the News?

1:04 : ignatzmous : al’Powar-point:
1:06 : zeb : I wonder if it says “al’Qaeda Confidential – Do Not Distribute” at the bottom of every slide
1:07 : ignatzmous : In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, here is my presentation entitled: Communicating Bad News
1:07 : You couldn’t use “confused guy” clip art because it’s an entire stick figure dude, either
1:08 : “Here I illustrate the necessity for the total destruction of the Great Satan with an amusing cartoon, in which all the heads have been removed.”
1:08 : zeb : “This is the roadmap for 2006-7, as you can see many exciting developments coming in the jihad, and this is only what is disclosable, and Allah knows best”
1:10 : And it is Allah’s law that whole-page wipes are halal, and the clockwise wipe is haram, and the dissolve is mukrooh, and so it shall not be done, says Allah (His Name Be Praised)
1:12 : ignatzmous : Insh’allah, the details of implementation and the timeline for rollout and most of all the pricing shall be revealed, but not in this day or this time, and certainly not by the the humble servant of Allah who brings only this presentation.

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